More about the crater:

АМТ-МVP researches (2010)

Hypothesis of occurrence (2015)

Audiomagnetotellurics (AMT), Magntetotellurics (MT), Low Period Magnetotellurics (LMT), Broadband Magnetotellurics (BMT), Magnetovariational Profiling (MVP),  Telluric Currents (TC)

The 5-component measurements of the natural alternating EM field combine two methods – Magnetotelluric (MT) and Magnetovariational Profiling (MVP). The magnetotelluric method (MT) is effective for the investigations of horizontal-layered cross-sections, whereas, the Magnetovariational Profiling method (MVP) is sensitive to vertically inclined objects. The combination of both methods allows to construct a geoelectrical cross-section in wide depth intervals (from first few meters to several hundreds of kilometers). The present-day modern EM equipment allow to effectively and successfully solve a wide range of tasks in different climate and terrain conditions. It is also possible to substantially decrease the number of measurement sites using ability of MVP response functions to sense anomalies located away from observation profiles. The depth of investigation in MT-MVP methods is regulated by frequency. At high frequencies, the electromagnetic field penetrates in the near-surface part of the section, whereas with the decrease of frequency, the deeper part of the section are being investigated. As the result, MT-MVP technology does not require change of the transmitting and receiving dipoles size to increase the depth of investigation.