Process  Processing and interpretation of geophysical data

Successful completion of work and subsequent discovery of deposits is the result of two aspects. Firstly, high-quality field surveying, and secondly, competent processing and interpretation of the obtained data. At the second stage, it is more difficult to take into account and correct errors made by field survey operators, but for our specialists,nothing is impossible.

The company's employees specialize in processing and interpretation of magnetic and gravity surveys (both ground-based and airborne), electrical exploration data (electrical tomography, induced polarization, non-contact methods, magnetotelluric sounding, etc.), seismic exploration, and geochemistry.

A special stage of data analysis and interpretation is the use of a formalized geological forecast ("One of the examples of practical application" и "Theory") using neural networks.  

Processing and subsequent interpretation is carried out both in the company's own software programs and in well-known software packages such as Zond (Kaminsky A.E.), Oasis Montaj, Surfer, WinGLink, and others. 

As a result, the client receives maps, cross-sections, 3D models of the distribution of studied parameters. And most importantly, recommendations for further exploration and drilling! 

Our company also has successful experience in reprocessing and reinterpretation of data from other companies many years after field surveying. In some cases, this procedure allowed us to find a deposit without conducting additional field surveys, thus saving the client's time and finances.