Gamma spectrometry 

Gamma-ray spectrometry has advantages in solving a number of mineral exploration tasks. The most important advantage is the determination of the concentrations of elements U, Th, K and their ratios.

To conduct gamma-spectrometric surveys, our company can offer the "GM-Gamma" system. The main technical specifications of which are presented in the table below:


Examples of spectra obtained using the "GM-Gamma" gamma spectrometer are shown for a 6-hour and 2-minute measurement of a Th sample, and a 2-minute measurement of the background radiation:


The results of gamma-ray spectrometry can reflect both direct and indirect indications of mineralization. In the complex of geological exploration works, gamma-ray spectrometry plays an important role in mapping and forecasting deposits.

In addition to exploration tasks, gamma-ray spectrometry can also solve other problems such as environmental monitoring, geomorphological zoning, and others.